"Skateboarding meets classical ballet in Tristan Helias and Marin Troude's new film, Museum. The three-minute short allows us to see what it's like to skate around the Louvre, the world's largest art museum"


 "French director Tristan Helias and Killian Lassablière have teamed up for a mini-doc, Around The Block, which takes an intimate look at the Parisian skate scene. The creative duo, who are also based in Paris, tap their local community of emerging skaters and follow their everyday life as they fill their ample time pushing around the French streets"


"Directed by Frenchmen Tristan Helias and Marin Troude, the short attempts to draw the viewer into the mystery of both the ocean and an unnamed young woman. The decision to keep the heroine anonymous allows us to glean vicarious pleasure from the dreamy combination of light, shadows and water"



"The two-minute video presents a fictitious narrative wherein skateboarding symbolises freedom, from commitments and obligations (and a girlfriend's family dinner).


Helias is passionate about cinema as much as he is skateboarding, and in this film he merges the two together, utilising the backdrop of a desolate Paris "




"Taking inspiration from a poem by Christopher Pearse Cranch, the two-minute video entitled Night And The Soul features Parisian skater Tristan Hélias taking to the Rue de Rennes shopping district of the French capital before heading over to Rue de Rivoli, near the Louvre. Panning over iconic architectural structures, the video plays out as a remarkable ode to the beauty of Paris at night"



"X-mas is over. Nonetheless it´s never too late for some sparkling city atmosphere. Enjoy the new video by Tristan Helias and Killian Lassablière. The two skaters’ route starts at the Arc de Triomphe and ends at Avenue Montaigne"


C-Heads magazine

" french producer Tristan Helias have offered up this sweet video merging the world of skate with that of classical dance – a discipline long-credited with the title of "art". Titled "Proper Stranger", the 2-minute-long video takes us through the streets of Paris in the pursuit of three dancers whose twists and turns are complemented by the ollies of an accompanying skater "




" With "NO AGE NO GENDER", Tristan Hélias exposes us a personal vision of the place of the republic through his camera. A video that shows us the social diversity of this space that we all share together.

A different vision that we would like to see a little more often in skateboarding videos "

De Paris Yearbook